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Achim Rosenberg

After over ten years of study, I finaly completed my PhD in physics about:

Die Druckerschwärze des Mainzer Catholicon,
eine archäometrische Anwendung
der Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse
durch Synchrotronstrahlung

You can download the postcript version of my dissertation here. Due to the fact, that I used a lot of realy wierd LaTex commands, Latex2html was not able to create even a rudimental HTML version of this document. So there will be probably no online version of my dissertation (sorry).

As you also may have noticed from the actual member page , I am no longer a current member of the archeometry workgroup at the ISKP University Bonn. Therefore this homepage will no loger be maintained. Incomming emails will only be checked sporadicaly till summer of 1999

...but you can make a trial and e-mail me at
Or you just can leave some meannesses at

In serious cases you can contact me via my private address:

Achim Rosenberg Ließemerstraße 14 53343 Wachtberg Germany
Tel.: +49 - 228 / 341307

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