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My name is Anno Hein. I'm the prototype of a young and enthusiastic physicist. My job here was to keep the NAA at work. Furthermore I have written a PhD thesis about total reflection of X-rays respectivly synchrotron radiation. At the moment I am at the Laboratory of Archaeometry in Athens (Greece).

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Besides physics I like to spend my time with playing clarinet and saxophone. But don't worry I won't put any soundsamples on this page.

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, 1923

You can leave a message at hein@ims.demokritos.gr,
or you can contact me at:

Laboratory of Archaeometry
Institute of Materials Science
N.C.S.R. Demokritos
Aghia Paraskevi
GR-15310 Athens
Tel: +30 (0) 1 6503389

Konstantinoupoleos 11
GR-15562 Holargos
Tel: +30 (0) 1 6533056

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