Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) data of pottery samples of Tatinger Ware from various sites and of samples from Mayen, with Stilke, list of publ. No 85 and 88

List of samples Tati 1-46, 47+48 s. Log

a) List of samples from Ribe 1-4(log) (= Tati 1-4), Tati 5-16(log), 17-30(log), 31-46, 47+48(log)(pdf)
b) List of samples from Mayen 1-94, from Koblenz, Herr Wegener (pdf)

  • Raw weight concentration data and exp. uncertainties of individual samples are given in microgram/gram (ppm) or %

    samples a) Ribe = Tati 1-4, Tati 5-48, b) Mayen 1-94, data format:

    a)ASCII-file, samp. (txt)
    a)ASCII-file (csv) for download

    b)ASCII-file (csv) for download