Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) data of the Perlman-Asaro data bank (from the Berkeley laboratory) of Mycenaean samples (2002), list of publ. No 108

(data can be compared directly to teh Bonn data)

  • Raw weight concentration data and exp. uncertainties of individual samples are given in microgram/gram (ppm) or %

    data format:

    ASCII-file (csv) for download

  • old data listings, old format:
  • Raw data of individual samples are given multiplied by the best relative fit factor (dilution factor, dil.factor). The samples are ordered according to groups. Grouping values and spreads (root mean square deviations = standard deviations) are also given (see list of publications, No 103(uncomplete) and 108)

    ASCII-file (txt)