Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) data of samples orginating from Euboea and Pendent Semicircle skyphoi (PSC) from other areas, list of publ. No 207

  • Raw weight concentration data and exp. uncertainties of individual samples are given in microgram/gram (ppm) or %

    samples Chalkis 1-2, Eret(ria) 1-45, Lefk(andi) 1-39, Phyla 1-3, Orop(os) 1-15, Kyme 4,10,11, VAM 17 (Tawagalawa letter), Al Mi(na) 1-8, Al Mina: AlmV 14,15,17,20,21,23,31, Ephe(sos) 70,110,...(15 samples), Boja(no) 1, Cerv(eteri) 1, Pont(egagnano) 1-4, Veji 1-2, data format:
    ASCII-file (csv) for download

    old data format: